Working with Elise and Dan for their Kitz Farm wedding was a total dream.  These two are such a sweet couple who had been living apart for years as Dan served for the Air Force.  Meanwhile, Elise did all the planning for their New England wedding from across the country in Seattle.  Elise and I had many conversations throughout the planning process, but I never knew how much I was going to fall in love with these two when we finally met on their wedding day.  Of course, their military love story seriously pulled at my heart strings, but in person, they were both so incredibly kind, grateful, and sweet.  They were surrounded by such an amazing group of family and friends, and their love for each other is just so apparent, as you can tell by these photos, taken by Lindsey Ocker Photography.  

Aesthetically, Elise wanted to compliment the rustic background provided by Kitz Farm with some warm and feminine tones for her florals.  We used a combination of purples, taupes, pinks, and peaches to create the look.  Loving greenery and wanting to tie in a very natural design, we used lots of eucalytpus leaves, and even created a garland that traveled the length of the head table.  To complete the look on the guests’ tables, we placed a spring of greenery {including blueberry branch!} at each place setting.  All the makings for a gorgeous New England wedding.


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